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What you Need to Know about Ontario’s New Cannabis Laws

On Wednesday, October 2018, Canada became the 2nd country in the world – behind Uruguay – to legalize the possession and use recreational cannabis. 

So, does this mean that crimes associated with recreational cannabis use don’t exist any more?  Definitely not!  The Government of Canada has implemented a new legal framework to legalize, strictly regulate and restrict access to cannabis. There are still a number of ways people can find themselves in conflict with the law when it comes to cannabis use.

OJEN has collected a few articles from the experts that answer many of the questions Ontarians may have about the new laws and regulations that come into effect today:

Cannabis Laws in Ontario – Starting Oct 17, 2018Justice For Children & Youth

10 Things that will still be a crime after cannabis is legalizedCanadian Civil Liberties Association

Ask an Expert: Cannabis and Driving with Abby Deshman Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Canada legalizes and strictly regulates cannabisGovernment of Canada

Questions and answers on cannabis and the Human Rights CodeOntario Human Rights Commission

Pot is now legal in Ontario. Here’s what you need to knowCBC News

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