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New and Upcoming Webinars for Teachers

See our most recent webinars and stay tuned for announcements on upcoming ones!

Workshops and Webinars

Going from Student to Staff: Issues facing young workers in 2021

[SLI 2021] In this session, expert employment lawyers Joshua Mandryk (Goldblatt Partners LLP) and Ryan White (Cavalluzzo LLP) explore two of the most pressing topics facing young people in workplace law: unpaid internships and work-credit programs, and the uncertain rules around Uber and other “gig apps.”

How OJEN Helps Make Teaching Law a Breeze

[SLI 2021] Join OJEN staff in this webinar to learn about how our programs and resources engage your students and meet curriculum expectations. We will walk you through our Courtrooms & Classrooms program, some of our most popular resources, and our annual events.

Child Witnesses in the Criminal Courts

[SLI 2021] Panel discussion about the how child witnesses are supported throughout a criminal case, from the early stages of the police investigation through to court preparation, testimony in the courtroom and at sentencing hearings.

Three Areas of Law Impacting Your Student Outcomes

[SLI 2021] Many areas of law intersect with and impact a young person’s access to, and pathway through, our education systems. In this session Justice for Children and Youth, Ontario’ speciality child rights legal clinic, will explore three such intersections – immigration law for young people with no or precarious immigration status, special education systems and their legal framework, and youth criminal justice.

Canada and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – Child Rights in Action

[SLI 2021] Learn about and receive resources on the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and how it’s implemented in Canada. This workshop will cover the UNCRC’s interaction with various federal and provincial laws (eg. human rights, education, criminal, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms), as well as its place within Canada’s international obligations. We will use an upcoming Charter challenge seeking to lower the voting age in Canada as a case study (complete with a teacher curriculum resource).

So, You want to Be a Paralegal: Exploring Careers in Law

[SLI 2021] Are your students interested in a career in law? This webinar will cover what paralegals and law clerks do, recent changes in paralegals’ scope of practice and the training required to enter this exciting profession.

OJEN’s New Resources

[SLI 2021] A long-time favourite of the Summer Law Institute, OJEN staff present new resources available for your classroom. This year’s webinar will feature a number of online resources and plans for program delivery throughout the year!

Black Legal Action Centre: Dismantling Anti-Black Racism in the Education System

[SLI 2021] The Black Legal Action Centre was created in 2017 to address anti-Black racism in Ontario. In this session, they join OJEN to talk about anti-Black racism in schools, the Ontario school to prison pipeline, and other issues facing Black youth.

Top 5 Significant Cases of the Past Year

[SLI 2021] The Ontario Justice Education Network is offering a free online session for secondary school teachers on ‘The Top 5 Cases’ of the past year. This webinar features Professor Sonia Lawrence from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto.

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