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New and Upcoming Webinars for Teachers

See our most recent webinars and stay tuned for announcements on upcoming ones!

Workshops and Webinars

Privacy and Protection in the Digital Age

With so much of our own and young people’s lives existing online these days, it is important to understand how to protect our privacy and security. This presentation will explore the ways in which the information we share online is used for our benefit…and to our detriment. You will gain a greater awareness of how online activity can impact privacy and security and give you confidence to make informed choices related to your online existence.

Top 5 Significant Cases of the Past Year – SLI 2022

The Ontario Justice Education Network is offering a free online session featuring the Honourable Justice Lorne Sossin of the Ontario Court of Appeal. Each year at our annual Summer Law Institute, a leading Ontario academic or jurist presents five Canadian legal decisions from the previous year that they feel are of the greatest importance and interest to educators and the public.

Justice Centres: From the Courtroom to the Community

The Ontario Justice Education Network will be providing a webinar on Ontario’s Justice Centres. These centres are part of a new and innovative strategy to move justice out of traditional courtroom settings and into community, help connect vulnerable and marginalized persons with wrap-around services and treatment, and disrupt cycles of offending.

Free Virtual Tour of Osgoode Hall

The lunchtime tour of Osgoode Hall, a regular feature of the Summer Law Institute, has also gone virtual! Join us as curator, Elise Brunet, takes us through this heritage home of the Ontario Court of Appeal, Superior Court of Justice, and the Law Society of Ontario. The videoconference tour consists of a presentation combining high quality images of the building and archival material. The session is interactive, encouraging questions from participants.

Supporting Youth Without Immigration Status

Justice For Children and Youth (JFCY) legal clinic’s Childhood Arrivals Support & Advocacy (CASA) program will be providing a webinar on being aware and inclusive of students with precarious or no immigration status. Young people brought to Canada as children and are living without immigration status can face significant uncertainty in their lives. In this session, teachers will learn about the barriers facing these young people as well as how to support them. Teachers will also receive a brief overview of immigration law in Canada and information about legal services and resources available for young people.

R. v. Sullivan: Extreme Intoxication as a Defence

R. v. Sullivan centres on the use of extreme intoxication as a defence in a criminal case. The Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) unanimously concluded that section 33.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada, which states that self-induced intoxication is not a defence, is not constitutional. The release of their decision reverberated through many different spheres of society and launched a flurry of questions and concerns. All of this and more will be explored in this webinar presentation and moderated discussion with Stephanie DiGiuseppe, Ruby Shiller Enenajor DiGiuseppe, Barristers and counsel for Daniel Sullivan, a party in the case and Pam Hrick, Executive Director and General Counsel at LEAF, who intervened in the proceedings.

Non-Consensual Sharing of Intimate Images

In this session, teachers will explore legal issues around the non-consensual sharing or publication of intimate images. Representatives from the Reclaim Pro Bono Project will talk about technology-facilitated violence (TFV) and the civil and criminal remedies that you might seek if an intimate image was distributed without your permission.

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