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OJEN launches new podcast series

Law Syrup is a new podcast that OJEN co-produced with former OJEN Justice Education Fellow and incoming litigation associate at Torkin Manes LLP, Herman Wong. Join Herman as he chats with special guests about what’s trending in Canadian law, how the law relates to ordinary Canadians and how we can navigate difficult topics. Designed for anyone who is curious about the law, each episode delivers insight and information in an informal, friendly format. 

Available now: Why Should We Learn About the Law? – Supreme Court of Canada Justice Michelle O’Bonsawin shares her experiences growing up in northern Ontario, gives behind-the-scenes details of Canada’s highest courthouse, and remembers some of her career highlights. 

Available now: Out and Proud – Our Pride Month special episode includes a panel discussion about identifying as a 2SLGBTQ+ individual within the legal sphere. Panelists share their views on issues related to conforming to heteronormative workplace practices. Panelists include Bennett Jensen (Egale Canada), Adam Goldenberg (McCarthy Tétrault) and Johanna Macdonald (The 519). 

Upcoming episodes:

Express Yourself – Section 2(b) of the CharterProfessor Jamie Cameron discusses the Charter right of freedom of expression, including its limits and restrictions, its application to social media and accountability.

Courtroom JournalismProfessor Janice Tibbetts gives us a behind-the-scenes look at her previous role as a courtroom journalist. She shares her most memorable stories covering some of Canada’s most prominent legal cases and discusses the course she currently teaches for journalism students in Ottawa.

Addressing Inter-Partner and Gender-Based Violence – In this episode, we speak to Pam Hrick, Executive Director & General Counsel at the Women’s Legal Education & Action Fund (LEAF). The discussion centres on gaps in the justice system related to acts of violence disproportionately targeting women, transgender and gender-diverse individuals. She also discusses the importance of helping to forge avenues of redress and healing.

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