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My Experience with OJEN as a Summer Student

I am a student from CW Jeffreys, and I am about to start my 11th-grade studies. My engagement with the LAWS program, particularly through workshops managed at my school, has been extremely advantageous. These workshops not only enriched my understanding but also played a crucial role in assisting my summer job/internship placement with OJEN.

These past few weeks with OJEN have been a true eye-opener for me. I’ve had the chance to delve into the world of law, learning about its various aspects and gaining insights that I never thought I would have. What’s more, this experience has unexpectedly helped me improve my social media skills, from recording to editing.

I had the opportunity to create multiple videos for OJEN’s social media, which involved me recording and editing videos of the staff. Some of the topics for the videos include the day in the life of, meet the team, OJEN team gathering, and others. I also had the opportunity to help organize the Summer Law Institute (SLI). My role was also researching, recording, editing, reading, and writing tasks assigned by my supervisor. These collective experiences significantly enhanced my interpersonal, communication, and organizational experiences.

Justice education is extremely beneficial for young people due to its capacity to encourage critical thinking and empathy. By delving into topics surrounding fairness, inequality, and human rights, it prepares them with the tools to understand complex social issues. This understanding enables them to become proactive advocates for positive change and challenges them to question systemic injustices. Ultimately, justice education empowers young individuals to contribute meaningfully to creating a more equitable and inclusive world.

Understanding law is very important to me because equality and human rights are very important to me. The law affects us in almost every part of our everyday life, and OJEN has helped me realize this and educate myself on the different parts of law. My involvement with OJEN has contributed to my understanding of various legal aspects. One of the cases I remember researching and reading about is the “Intoxication case”. It’s still in my mind. That made me think about how the law would impact the victims, and how that would impact the culture.

I am so grateful I got the opportunity to work with OJEN. I loved the community and the people there. They are always happy to lend a hand when asked. It has been an amazing experience that I’ll always appreciate.

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