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OOCMT January Update!

This year, the OBA – OJEN Competitive Mock Trial (OOCMT) tournament will take place online, with two separate paths for participation. While the traditional, Competitive format will offer participants the same opportunity to engage in a full online mock trial, the Alternative format offers a resource for teachers and students who may not be able to compete this year. The R v Kim document will be the basis for both the Competitive format as well as the Alternative format. Also in this document are the evidential exhibits. Supporting materials, including this year’s Legal Guidance document, will follow at a later date.

This year’s case scenario – R v Kim – centres around an alleged Assault Cause Bodily Harm and another charge of Unlawfully Causing Bodily Harm. It is available to review and download on the OJEN website.

Registration for the Competitive format is now open in most regions.

Thank you as always for your support of the OOCMT.

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