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Two Options for the OOCMT

The OBA-OJEN Competitive Mock Trial (OOCMT) program has undergone some changes this year to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic.  After consulting with teachers throughout the province, OJEN has created a plan to allow as many students as possible to participate in the program.  To accommodate both the quadmester system used by many school boards, and the combination of in-person and remote classroom models, we are now offering two separate program streams.  Teachers have the option of participating in either a competitive or an alternative format depending on which is more appropriate for their class.  Both formats will use the same case scenario, exhibits, and legal guidance document.  

Competitive format

The competitive format will function as an online version of a traditional tournament.  Teams may consist of either an in-person class or individuals working together remotely.  Mock trials will be held virtually by Zoom in April and May.  As in previous years, lawyer coaches will be assigned to each team to assist students as they prepare their case.  They will also have access to the online discussion board to ask questions of legal experts and share ideas with other teams across the province.

Alternative Format

The alternative format allows students to participate as individuals, small groups, or a whole class.  As with last year’s Criminal Law Challenge, they will submit an Opening Statement based on the facts of the case scenario for either Crown or Defence. They can also submit a Closing Statement based on witness examination video resources.  Submissions can be sent either in writing or by video.  Resources for the alternative format will also be available to participants from January until the end of the school year.

More details, registration information and the OOCMT case scenario will be available in early December. 

For more information, contact Bryn Rieger.

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