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Welcome to R v Kim: The Alternative Format

We know many of you worked very hard this year to prepare for R v Kim, this year’s OOCMT case. We also know that this year has been difficult, and not everybody has been able to compete in the Competitive Format. Don’t worry! We have some great experiences lined up for you with R v Kim: The Alternative Format.

In this program, you can submit written or video Opening and Closing statements, which you will receive feedback on from a practising lawyer or a judge. Please send your Opening Statements to

You have access to message boards dedicated to a number of different discussion topics, as well as a space for miscellaneous and technical questions. You will also find the dedicated “Ask a Lawyer” forum, which will be updated regularly with responses by lawyers from across Ontario. To register for the forums, see the buttons to the right of this description. Once you register, you will receive an email directing you to the forums.

Finally, we will be releasing videos of Direct and Cross Examinations of each witness from the R v Kim case scenario. You can then use the evidence in these videos to craft your Closing Statement.

Thank you for participating in this challenge! And please remember to be respectful on the message boards 🙂

Good luck!

Bryn Rieger, OOCMT Project Leader

Timeline for the Challenge

March 22, 2021

Online portal opens for Opening statement submissions

Online discussion forums and ‘Ask a Lawyer’ forum open

April 26, 2021

Online portal closes for Opening statement submissions

Recorded witness examinations will be published online

Online portal opens for Closing statements

May 21, 2021

Online portal closes for Closing statement submissions

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