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Check out cases from previous years. It’s important to develop the skill set required for the mock trial on facts besides just those you’ll be using in this year’s case. Practising on other facts will help you that develop that skill set and become more flexible and natural in your role, which will help improve your performance.

2023 OOCMT Case: R v Gomer

2022 OOCMT Case: R v Smalls

2021 OOCMT Case: R v Kim

2020 OOCMT Case: R v Kaye

2019 OOCMT Case: R v Delaney

2018 OOCMT Case: R v Rogers

2017 OOCMT Case: R v Steems

2016 OOCMT Case: R v Bann

2015 OOCMT Case: R v Moose

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