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Resources to Help You Get Started

These additional resources are available to help you prepare:

1. Mock Trial Step-by-Step Video
This video takes you through each stage of a mock trial, showing you how it flows and what to do.

2. Competive Mock Trial Resource Videos
Five videos to help teams and teachers with trial procedures, preparation and getting the most out of the experience. You can also watch them on OJEN’s Youtube channel.

3. Basic Resources on Criminal Trials
Introduction to Criminal Law Trials
Teacher Resource: Actus Reus and Mens Rea

4. Other Mock Trial Scenarios
It’s a good idea to practise trial skills on facts other than this year’s official case scenario. This will help teams to get “off script”, because being too scripted and too caught up in the single tournament scenario can actually hurt a team’s performance. Instead, consider practising the art of opening and closing statements, and witness examinations, with different facts altogether. It may seem difficult at first, but it’s just practice. Getting out of your comfort zone is part of learning the skills required to excel when tournament day arrives.

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