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OBA/OJEN Competitive Mock Trial Resource Videos

Don’t forget to also watch Mock Trial Step-by-Step to see how a mock trial works.


1. Cross-Examining a Witness on Inconsistent Testimony

See what do when a witness says something that contradicts or strays too far from their affidavit.

2. Being Judged in a Mock Trial Competition

Listen to experienced teachers and experienced mock trial judge Justice Anne Molloy talk about how the competition is judged and how to prepare for the fact that some teams will do better than others.

3. Competitive Mock Trials: Tips from a Judge

The best way to avoid disappointment is to put your best foot forward. Watch this video to get top tips from Justice Anne Molloy, who has been judging high school mock trials for many years. She knows what judges look for and what skills and qualities teams need to possess to rise to the top.

4. Mock Trial Prep: Tips from Mrs. Lochan

Mrs. Lochan of North Toronto Christian School shares her advice on approaching the mock trial.

5. Mock Trial Prep: Tips from Mr. Heinstein

Mr. Heinstein of East York Collegiate shares shares his advice on approaching the mock trial.

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