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Book a speaker (Classroom Visits)

Please note that we may be able to find lawyers and other justice professionals to speak with students taking part in online learning due to physical distancing measures. If this is of interest, please indicate in the text box below. Please be sure to include relevant information about the communications platform(s) – e.g. Zoom or Google Meet – so that we can advise prospective volunteers.

OJEN’s Courtrooms & Classrooms activities enhance classroom learning by connecting students with the justice system and the professionals who work within it. Observing court in session, participating in mock trial tournaments, and connecting with justice sector professionals in the classroom – all help take law off the pages of the text book and into real life. To book a speaker, simply complete the form below. It generally takes from 3 to 4 weeks to find a volunteer, so please send your request at least one month in advance to ensure we can find the most appropriate person to talk to your class. Please include the exact time of your class and the topic(s) you want to be addressed. Click ‘send now’ to finish, and you will receive a confirmation message in a short time.

If you have any question, please contact Thomas Gallezot

Information about your school

Information about your students

Please indicate in which grades your students are enrolled.

Please indicate in which subjects your students are enrolled.

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Your requested date must be a minimum of five weeks from today.

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If you are requesting a classroom visit conducted in French, OJEN will attempt to arrange for French-speaking judges, justices of the peace or lawyers to meet with your students.

Please explain in detail what you hope to cover in this classroom visit. It would be helpful to describe where you are in the curriculum and what matters you hope the justice sector volunteer can speak to during the visit. Please list the topics that will be discussed in the week preceding the visit. Will there be a follow up assignment to the visit? Will students be asked to prepare questions for the visit? If so, what kinds of questions?

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