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Kingston Youth-Police Dialogue

The OJEN Youth-Police Dialogue (YPD) program is an interactive justice education series designed to promote positive interactions, build knowledge, challenge perceptions and enhance skills to foster greater relations between youth and police in communities across Ontario. 

Over the course of this project, youth will meet with Youth Police Dialogue Facilitators, police officers, and lawyers to build their legal capability and explore issues that matter most to them and their community. The YPD program is designed to elevate youth participants’ voice and increase their comfort when interacting with members of the justice system, while also building knowledge and skills that will assist youth in everyday interactions with police and others.

Participants will build communication and the advocacy skills necessary to communicate effectively. Increased understanding and reflection through role plays and activities allow all stakeholders to make a change in their communities. Youth and police learn together and gain new perspectives. The project provides the opportunity for discussions between youth, police offers, and lawyers, where all sides work together come up with solutions to issues faced by the community, while addressing community safety as a shared goal.

The Kingston Youth-Police Dialogue program is held in partnership with ISKA (Immigration Services Kingston and Area) and the Kingston Police.

For inquiries about the program, please contact Simone Samuels at To read more about OJEN’s Youth-Police Dialogues, visit our page.


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