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Law Day – Waterloo Region

Law Day gives high school students the opportunity to participate in a criminal mock trial in a real courtroom, by taking on the roles of the accused, witnesses and the jury. Judges from the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice preside over the trial. Local lawyers take on the roles of Crown and Defence counsel. Court staff, including a registrar and court officers, ensure the authenticity of a criminal trial. After the student jury renders their verdict on the trial, lunch is served and a panel of judges, lawyers, articling students and a police officer participate in a question and answer period.

Since 2005, the Waterloo Region Law Association (WRLA) has hosted Law Day for many of the local high schools in the Waterloo region.  This full-day event, which has grown in size over the years, is organized by WRLA trustees, who receive funding from the WRLA in addition to a grant from OJEN.  

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