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Law Symposiums

An OJEN Law Symposium is a day-long educational event for high school students, which is hosted by a local high school, college or university. Law Symposiums feature multiple workshops on a range of legal topics, facilitated by lawyers, professors and other justice sector professionals.

Law Symposiums are a unique opportunity for students from multiple high schools to come together and learn about law directly from people who are immersed in the thick of it. If your school is in a city that contains a law school or a paralegal college – including Ottawa, Kingston, Thunder Bay, London, Windsor, and Toronto – please contact us to inquire about Law Symposiums in your area. If your school is interested in hosting a Law Symposium for students from other schools in your community, let us know; we may be able to enlist the help and support of a local OJEN Committee. Contact Bryn at to learn more.

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