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Mock Hearings

A mock hearing is a simulation of a real legal hearing where students play the roles of lawyers, the accused, the complainant, witnesses, and more. Each side works together to prepare for their hearing, where they’ll use a mix of law, facts, and strategy to make their case.

Mock hearings are one of the most fun and engaging ways to learn about law and the justice system. Students learn how to analyze facts, create legal arguments, and conduct all parts of a trial. With support, any group of young people can take on this challenge and become effective oral advocates!

OJEN runs mock trials on just about every legal topic. Mock trial packages on criminal law, bail hearings, family law, Landlord and Tenant Board hearings, and more are available In our classroom resources section.

All of our mock trial packages include:

  • a case scenario;
  • a summary of the relevant law;
  • specific instructions for each different role that students can take, including lawyers, witnesses, parties, and jurors;
  • instructions for how to run the hearing; and
  • copies of all the evidence involved in the case.

Most mock hearing programs require 4-8 hours of student preparation, plus a 60-90 minute hearing.

Mock hearings are a great opportunity to bring a legal volunteer into your classroom or group. Volunteers can coach your students during prep periods or preside over the mock hearing as a judge. If you need help recruiting a lawyer, judge, or paralegal in your area, you can request one using our online form. If you work with youth outside in a community setting, contact us through our online form to see how we can help facilitate the program.

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