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OJEN/LFO Mock Trial Fund

In 2008, OJEN and the Law Foundation of Ontario (LFO) partnered to launch a Mock Trial Fund that provides financial support and other resources to the ever expanding roster of mock trial events across Ontario.

The OJEN/LFO Mock Trial Fund aims for an equitable distribution of funds and a simple application process. Grants are based on factors including event size, and need, as determined by the OJEN/LFO Mock Trial Fund. Applications from existing mock trial events and those supporting new mock trial events are welcome.

In addition to financial support, as part of the funding process OJEN provides assistance with scenarios, tips on gaining sponsorship and in-kind support from local businesses, media coverage, approaching and involving justice sector representatives, requesting courthouse space for events, and other items. OJEN also provides Collegiality Awards for presentation, and participation certificates for each student.

Applications are due December 10 2015 at 4:00pm. In order to allow for equitable granting, grants are allocated once the application deadline has been reached. Late applications are not considered.  We strongly recommend that potential applicants review the Application Guide (attached below).

Criteria for eligible mock trial events include:

  1. Designed for Ontario secondary school students
  2. Include at least four schools, or youth involved in community organizations
  3. Include justice sector volunteer participation and/or involvement
  4. Competitive or non-competitive
  5. Participatory or demonstrative format
  6. Held at any time during the year
  7. Promote inclusive access to justice education

If your event meets some but not all of these criteria, please contact OJEN at to discuss.

To apply click here

For more information about the Law Foundation of Ontario, please visit the Foundation’s website:

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