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Reason #11 to Donate to OJEN’s 15th Birthday

Black female high school students connect with black female lawyers at the Sistahs in Law: Paving the Way Conference.

OJEN turned 15 this year!

Since 2002, our programs and resources have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people throughout Ontario.  And we’re just getting started! Looking ahead to 2018 and beyond we’re excited about opportunities to expand our justice education initiatives to new youth audiences. We know that providing young people with the legal life skills to navigate their world is one important factor contributing to greater access to justice. 

Between now and the end of 2017, we’ll be posting 15 of our most significant achievements – reasons we think you’ll want to give us an extra-special year-end present!

Donate $15 or $150 …or more!  Read all 15 reasons why your donation to OJEN will make a difference.

Reason #11

OJEN encourages high school students to explore careers in law.

It was a great day that was very empowering for me because I was able to connect with other black females in a career I one day hope to be in.  One of the most amazing parts of the event were the compelling stories of some black female legal professionals about their journey to their careers. They all had and are facing such difficult obstacles that vary from financial matters, to having children and being in school. One of the many inspiring stories shared was by a young women that had had two children at the age of 14 and still managed finish high school, go on to university, volunteer, and obtain a job in the law profession.  ”

Participant – Sistahs In Law Program

Encouraging youth from diverse backgrounds to pursue careers in law, helps to make the legal system more reflective of the people it serves.

Many of the youth we meet in our justice education programs are at a point in their lives when they are contemplating career choices.   Being unaware of the numerous career possibilities in the legal profession may rule out a rewarding job in this sector. Not personally knowing anyone employed in the sector can also be a barrier to pursuing a law career.

OJEN’s Careers in Justice resource lists 38 different law related careers.  Each listing includes a brief description of the job and the education or training required. It’s an excellent starting point for exploring justice sector jobs.

OJEN’s programs connect youth to legal professionals.  Whenever possible we match volunteers of diverse backgrounds with youth from similar backgrounds.  

The Sistahs in Law: Paving the Way Conference is an example of one such program. The day- long OJEN event is offered in partnership with Black Female Lawyers Network (BFLN). Each year BFLN invites black female high school students to join them at their annual retreat. Students are matched with a black female legal professional, who acts as a “Big Sistah” throughout the day. Students take part in the retreat’s activities such as the keynote lunch and also attend workshops like My Journey to a Career in Law, which encourages Little Sistahs to see themselves in the legal profession and have confidence in their own ability to achieve success. 

Encouraging students, including those from marginalized backgrounds, to pursue law careers contributes to diversity in the justice sector – another reason to donate to OJEN’s 15th Birthday Campaign.






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