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Reason #4 to Donate to OJEN’s 15th Birthday

OJEN partnered with Pathways to Education to deliver a mock trial program to Toronto youth.

OJEN turned 15 this year!

Since 2002, our programs and resources have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people throughout Ontario.  And we’re just getting started! Looking ahead to 2018 and beyond we’re excited about opportunities to expand our justice education initiatives to new youth audiences. We know that providing young people with the legal life skills to navigate their world is one important factor contributing to greater access to justice. 

Between now and the end of 2017, we’ll be posting 15 of our most significant achievements – reasons we think you’ll want to give us an extra-special year-end present!

Donate $15 or $150 …or more!  Read all 15 reasons why your donation to OJEN will make a difference.

Reason #4

OJEN forges community partnerships to reach diverse youth audiences.

“In order to have proper community engagement, you need to have relevant content, dynamic and effective facilitation. OJEN achieves this through programs that facilitate a meaningful dialogue between youth from high-risk communities, police, and other justice sector professionals – for youth to understand and navigate the justice system and for both sides to create practical solutions.

Soul-R Damon –Impact ‘N Communities –   Community Partner

We partner with schools and community organizations to deliver programs adapted for vulnerable or marginalised youth. By partnering with community organizations throughout the province, we can meet with youth where they live and respond to interests and issues that matter to them.   Our justice education initiatives match the needs of unique youth populations.  We run engaging, interactive programs for youth that help them build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they’ll need to manage legal issues in their own lives.

Each year we partner with approximately 100 community groups across Ontario to deliver our legal workshops and programs to people who need them.  You can help vulnerable youth in Ontario develop legal life skills with a donation to our 15th Birthday Campaign






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