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Reason #9 to Donate to OJEN’s 15th Birthday

Grade 5 students learn about civil law. 

OJEN turned 15 this year!

Since 2002, our programs and resources have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people throughout Ontario.  And we’re just getting started! Looking ahead to 2018 and beyond we’re excited about opportunities to expand our justice education initiatives to new youth audiences. We know that providing young people with the legal life skills to navigate their world is one important factor contributing to greater access to justice. 

Between now and the end of 2017, we’ll be posting 15 of our most significant achievements – reasons we think you’ll want to give us an extra-special year-end present!

Donate $15 or $150 …or more!  Read all 15 reasons why your donation to OJEN will make a difference.

Reason #9

OJEN makes learning about the justice system fun – even for 10 year olds.

I liked that when we were doing the mock trial it felt like we were in a real court with real lawyers. I learned that the jury is an important part of the court and that there are so many people who make the court work.”

Grade 5 student participant

“I think that the program was amazing.  The students came out with an in-depth understanding of the civil justice system…a great lead into our unit on government and citizenship in Canada.”

Grade 5 Teacher

Did Hansel and Gretel harm Wendy Witch’s gingerbread business with the stories they wrote about her in their online blog? 

OJEN turns a classic children’s story on its head to illustrate the role of civil justice system in resolving disputes. The Elementary Civil Mock Trial program is an interactive and fun way for students in grade 5 to learn about the law.  Children as young as 9 years old get hands-on lessons in perspective taking, limits to free speech, roles in the courtroom and how the law affects our lives, while preparing for the defamation trial of Wendy Witch v. Hansel & Gretel.

On trial day, the classroom turns into a courtroom and the entire class gets involved. Taking on the roles of lawyers, witnesses, court security officers, jury members, court artists and reporters, the students put their lessons into practice – often with impressive results.  Civil trial lawyers coach students leading up to the trial, and also act as the judges at the final session.

OJEN’s programs for elementary school students is another reason to donate to OJEN’s 15th Birthday Campaign.

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