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Recruiting Francophone Volunteers

OJEN is looking for 11 Francophone justice sector volunteers to act as advisors to our new French Youth Leadership Team. 

With a grant from the Ministry of Canadian Heritage, OJEN has embarked on an ambitious two-year project to create a French version of our successful Charter Challenge program. This mock appeal program will give French-speaking students in Ontario an opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation for the rights and protections afforded by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

OJEN has hired 11 Francophone students from across Ontario to form a Youth Leadership Team (YLT).  Meet them on the team page on OJEN’s website.   With support from OJEN staff and partners, they are taking a leading role in identifying relevant Charter cases and brainstorming ways to make the project interesting to Franco-Ontarian youth.

We are recruiting Francophone volunteers to match with each member of the YLT.  Volunteers will act as resource persons to answer questions about the complex legal issues the youth encounter through this project. 

Not only will you help create an important new justice education program for French speaking youth in Ontario, you will also have a wonderful opportunity to inspire a young person with passion for the law! 

For information contact Thomas Gallezot.

Please circulate the information in your French-speaking networks! 

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