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Criminal Law Mock Sentencing Scenario: R. v. Cain

A 16-year old has plead guilty to assault causing bodily harm and robbery, charges stemming from an attack on a 15 year-old student and the theft of the younger student’s basketball shoes. The scenario can be used in a mock sentencing hearing or a mock sentencing conference/circle, or both.

A total of ten witness roles are provided, allowing students to consider sentencing from the perspectives of the victim, accused, family and community members. This scenario is appropriate for a non-academic event or academically-focused exercise. The scenario package includes a statement of agreed facts and discussion questions for each witness to consider when preparing for the sentencing exercise. This sentencing scenario can be developed over a period of three weeks, with students first learning about the sentencing process, conducting a sentencing conference and then contrasting this experience with a sentencing hearing.

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