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Criminal Law Mock Trial Scenario: R. v. Jones

Keri Jones, 16 year-old is charged with Theft Under $5000 under s. 322(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada after an alleged shoplifting incident at a music store.

This mock hearing is designed to help you learn more about mens rea and actus reus, as well as the criminal trial process. It includes a fact scenario, a description of the relevant law, exhibits, a time chart, background information for the witnesses, a judging chart and questions for the jurors. This scenario is appropriate for either a non-academic or academic event, with options to emphasize either legal research or experiential approaches, or both.

For each OJEN criminal law mock trial, there are three packages: an OJEN Criminal Law Mock Trial Scenario; the OJEN Criminal Law Mock Trial Role Preparation Package; and the OJEN Criminal Law Mock Trial Justice Sector Volunteer Package.

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