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Criminal Law Mock Trial Scenario: R. v. Singh

Criminal law mock trial scenario for secondary students. A 16-year old is charged with theft, assault and uttering threats after an altercation on a TTC platform. The scenario deals with Criminal Code of Canada charges and, if the accused is found guilty, Youth Criminal Justice Act sentencing provisions.

This scenario is appropriate for non-academic or academic focused events and could be developed over a one to two week period. The package includes one defence witness and two crown witness information sheets as well as suggestions as to how each role should be played before and during the trial.

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2 thoughts on “Criminal Law Mock Trial Scenario: R. v. Singh”

  1. A question, was Ali Singh convicted of those crimes, and how can one prove that Ali was the one who committed the crime, since he/she is accused

  2. Hi there -this is a mock trial scenario, not based on a real case, so there was never a trial and so never a conviction. As a mock trial, it is a teaching resource, so it is up to the people working with the facts to determine the best arguments for the Crown and the defense!


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