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Family Law Mock Trial Scenario: Children’s Aid Society v. D.F. and A.F. (Child Protection)

Christopher was 2 months old when the Children’s Aid Society (CAS ) apprehended him. His mother, DeShae Frederick, is 17 years old, and his father, Alejo Ferrer, is 19 years old. The CAS decided that Christopher was in need of protection according to the Child and Family Services Act (CFSA). Christopher was made a ward of the society for 7 months with specific terms and conditions, including a requirement that the parents complete a parenting capacity assessment.

Seven months later, the CAS has applied to the court for a review of the child’s status. Each of the parents gets to provide an answer and a parenting plan to the court. DeShae wants a 7 month supervision order placing the child in her care and custody. Alejo wants an order placing Christopher in the custody of his brother and sister-in-law, subject to CAS supervision.

What order should the judge make at this status review? Should Christopher be returned to DeShae, to Alejo, or be made a ward of the state? Is there another option?

This mock trial scenario package includes a fact scenario, a description of the relevant law, and background information for the parties involved. For each OJEN family law mock trial, there are three packages: an OJEN Family Law Mock Trial Scenario; the OJEN Family Law Mock Trial Role Preparation Package; and the OJEN Family Law Mock Trial Justice Sector Volunteer Package

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