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Human Rights Mock Hearing: Jaffer and Newcomers Can Centre

After graduating university, Chloe Jaffer was thrilled to find a new job working in immigrant settlement at the Newcomers Can Centre, in Brampton Ontario. Everything started well, but before long she encountered negative comments about her choice to incorporate traditional South Asian clothing into her work outfits and heard her boss making remarks about South Asian people as “security risks”. She also received negative feedback about her handling of client files, and at the end of her 3-month probation period, her employment was terminated. Concerned that her termination may have violated her rights under the Ontario Human Rights Code, Ms. Jaffer is bringing the matter to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO).

This mock hearing is designed to help students learn more about human rights in Ontario, including the laws and procedures through which human rights disputes are raised, argued, and resolved at the HRTO. It includes a fact scenario, documentary evidence, a description of the relevant law, a time chart, background information for the witnesses and an adjudication chart.

For this OJEN mock hearing, there are three packages: an OJEN HRTO Mock Hearing Scenario; the OJEN HRTO Mock Hearing Role Preparation Package; and the OJEN HRTO Mock Hearing Justice Sector Volunteer Package.

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