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In Focus: Sanctuary and the “Free Lulu” Campaign

This resource focuses on the legal struggles of Jozsef Pusuma, Timea Daroczi and their young daughter, Viktoria. A Roma family from Hungary who sought refugee status in Canada after being attacked in their home by neo-nazis, their claim failed after their lawyer neglected to include critical evidence at their hearing. As a result, the family took sanctuary in a Toronto church, and have remained there for more than two years.

In Focus: Sanctuary and the “Free Lulu” Campaign raises student awareness of the family’s story and the grassroots campaign in support of their efforts to remain in Canada. Using this as a starting point, students will also be introduced to key elements of Canadian refugee law and the practice of sanctuary while developing analytical and advocacy skills.

This resource was developed in conjunction with the Canadian Sanctuary Network (

UPDATE: Listen to Jozsef and Timea interviewed on CBC Radio’s “The Current”, with Anna Maria Tremonti:

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