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Mock Hearing Demonstration Video

Looking for step-by-step video clips of a mock hearing? Click HERE to watch the MOCK HEARING DEMONSTATION VIDEO online!

This DVD resource contains audiovisual material about how to conduct a mock hearing with students. It includes the following components, each of which can be played in full or in shorter segments:

  • Teacher Resource – Two high school law teachers give an introduction to the DVD, including tips on how to organise a mock hearing, what to expect and where to find support for mock hearings.
  • Tips from a Teacher – A high school law teacher discusses the benefits and challenges of mock hearings, what students can learn, curriculum links and assessment and evaluation strategies.
  • Tips from Students – High school law students talk about how students benefit from participating in a mock hearing and offer advice for other students.
  • Mock Hearing – A full length mock trial demonstration conducted by high school law students.
  • Trial Process – A step-by-step breakdown of the trial process, including instruction on the opening and closing statements, swearing in witnesses, direct and cross examinations, objections and introducing evidence.

The video segments can be watched here.

In addition, this DVD also contains three print resources to support teachers in conducting mock hearings, which can be obtained by inserting the DVD into a computer.

  1. Making the Case: Mock Hearing Toolkit – A companion piece to the mock trial DVD, this resource provides ideas and assistance to teachers coordinating mock hearings, including tools for planning and running a mock hearing, fact scenarios and information on the roles in a mock hearing.
  2. Curriculum Links for Mock Hearings – A resource guide which provides curriculum links to over 40 courses in grades 9 through 12 of the Ontario curriculum. This grade-specific guide provide law-related curriculum expectations and suggested discussion points to engage students.
  3. Assessment & Evaluation Strategies for Mock Hearings – A resource providing assessment models, a marking scheme, performance sheet, evaluation rubric and performance-rating table that may be used when evaluating mock hearings.

Mock hearings are a great way to expose students to legal topics in a variety of courses across the curriculum. They provide an opportunity for students to develop advocacy and inquiry skills, explore career modelling, work cooperatively, develop critical thinking, build conflict resolution skills and develop relationships with justice sector professionals.

To request a free copy of OJEN’s Mock Hearing Demonstration Video, please send your name, mailing address and school name by email to

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