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Small Claims Court Mock Hearing: Santiago v. Castillo (Contract Dispute)

Alex Santiago purchased a used car from his uncle, Enrique Castillo. After signing the bill of sale, Alex discovered a number of problems with the car, including faulty brakes and air conditioning. Alex is now bringing an action in Small Claims Court against his uncle for the cost of repairs.

This mock hearing is designed to help you learn more about contract law, including the doctrine of caveat emptor (“let the buyer beware”) and fraudulent misrepresentation, as well as the Small Claims Court process. It includes a fact scenario, documentary evidence, a description of the relevant law, a time chart, background information for the witnesses and a judging chart.

For each OJEN Small Claims Court mock hearing, there are three packages: an OJEN Small Claims Court Mock Hearing Scenario; the OJEN Small Claims Court Mock Hearing Role Preparation Package; and the OJEN Small Claims Court Mock Hearing Justice Sector Volunteer Package

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2 thoughts on “Small Claims Court Mock Hearing: Santiago v. Castillo (Contract Dispute)”

  1. good morning. can you please tell me the actual case that the mock Santiago v. Castillo is based upon. I would appreciate it.

    1. Hi there, and thanks for your question! While Santiago v Castillo is quite realistic, it isn’t based on a real case. It’s entirely fictional and was written by a legal volunteer. Cheers!

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