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OJEN Classroom Resources

OJEN has over 200 resources available for use in classrooms, community agencies and justice education programs. All OJEN resources are available for free in English or French. Resources are for general educational use and are not legal advice. Anyone dealing with legal issues should consult a lawyer for confidential, specific legal advice. OJEN retains the copyright over all OJEN resources and materials cannot be modified without prior written permission. There are four ways to search for a resource:

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Criminal Law Mock Trial Scenario: R. v. Tisi

A 16-year old has been charged with assault causing bodily harm and robbery, charges stemming from an attack on a 15 year-old student and the theft of the younger student’s basketball shoes. Four witnesses, including the victim, accused and arresting officer, have provided evidence. Appropriate for a non-academic event or academically-focused exercise, this scenario is […]

Criminal Law Mock Trial Scenario: R. v. Singh

Criminal law mock trial scenario for secondary students. A 16-year old is charged with theft, assault and uttering threats after an altercation on a TTC platform. The scenario deals with Criminal Code of Canada charges and, if the accused is found guilty, Youth Criminal Justice Act sentencing provisions. This scenario is appropriate for non-academic or […]

Criminal Law Mock Trial Scenario: R. v. Jones

Keri Jones, 16 year-old is charged with Theft Under $5000 under s. 322(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada after an alleged shoplifting incident at a music store. This mock hearing is designed to help you learn more about mens rea and actus reus, as well as the criminal trial process. It includes a fact […]

Mock Bail Hearing Scenario: R. v. Souza

Marco Souza, an 18 year-old, is charged with theft under $5000, possession of stolen goods over $5000 and breaching previous bail conditions. He has a previous conviction for dangerous driving and other outstanding charges. The crown is seeking a detention order on the basis of a reverse onus, but Marco has several people willing to […]

Making the Case: Mock Hearing Toolkit

This OJEN Mock Hearings Toolkit has been developed to provide ideas and assistance to teachers or justice sector representatives thinking of coordinating a mock hearing (bail hearings, trials, sentencings, sentencing circles and appeals) for Ontario students. A student mock hearing is a simulation of a real court or administrative hearing, with students playing the roles […]

Aboriginal Criminal Law Mock Sentencing Scenario: R. v. James

In this aboriginal sentencing scenario, James, an aboriginal youth, pleads guilty to the charge of carrying a concealed weapon. The scenario can be used in a mock sentencing hearing or mock sentencing conference/circle or both. The scenario includes several questions dealing with the factors to be taken into consideration during sentencing. These questions may be […]

Aboriginal Criminal Law Mock Sentencing Scenario: R. v. Brown

This Aboriginal sentencing scenario focuses on an Aboriginal youth who has already spent time in a youth detention centre for previous crimes. He has now been convicted of assault. A sentencing hearing ensues during which a victim impact statement is read. The scenario is followed by 8 discussion questions which can easily be used for […]

Mock Bail Hearing Role Preparation Package

This resource outlines the differences between a bail hearing and a criminal trial and provides a detailed overview of key elements of the bail process beginning from the laying of a charge by police. It includes information about grounds for denying bail, bail conditions and variations, the role and responsibilities of sureties and special considerations […]

In Brief: Collective Bargaining

OJEN In Brief resources are designed to provide high school students with an introduction to basic legal concepts. Each resource includes a short lesson plan for the teacher; a 1-4 page plain language description of the legal topic; and activities that provide students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge of the topic. Under Canadian […]

In Focus: Idle No More

OJEN is pleased to present the first in a series of classroom resources designed to support classroom teachers’ integration of legally significant, but complex, current events into their law, civics and other classes. In Focus– Idle No More gives a short introduction to key events and legal and social issues raised by the Idle No […]

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