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OJEN Classroom Resources

OJEN has over 200 resources available for use in classrooms, community agencies and justice education programs. All OJEN resources are available for free in English or French. Resources are for general educational use and are not legal advice. Anyone dealing with legal issues should consult a lawyer for confidential, specific legal advice. OJEN retains the copyright over all OJEN resources and materials cannot be modified without prior written permission. There are four ways to search for a resource:

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Grade 9

Justice and the Media

This OJEN resource has been developed to provide a foundation for students’ understanding of the relationship between the media and the justice system and to develop critical thinking skills to consider issues of accessibility to the courts and confidence in media reporting. Developed in partnership with the Ministry of the Attorney General, it includes four […]

Cases That Have Changed Society

Many cases are started by individuals or groups to respond to a particular event or to change a situation. The outcomes of these cases will often lead to changes in areas of the law which impact all Canadians. These short summaries are some of the decisions that have changed Canadian society in the last 25 […]

A Brief History of the Justice of the Peace Bench

The office of Justice of the Peace was transplanted from England to Canada in 1763 as a result of the Royal Proclamation of 1763, which decreed that the law of England, both civil and criminal, was to be imposed upon all the territory of what subsequently became Canada. The Association of Justices of the Peace […]

Law and the Ontario Curriculum: Secondary Version (Grades 9 to 12)

Resource provides curriculum links to over 40 courses (grades 9 through 12). These grade-specific guides provide law-related curriculum expectations and suggested discussion points to engage students. Although intended for use by volunteers from the justice sector, teachers may wish to refer to this resource while planning for a Courtrooms & Classrooms visit.

An American Visitor to A Canadian Court

Despite this common history and despite the superficial similarity, there are differences between the judicial systems of the two nations. These differences may be reflected in the symbols displayed within the courtroom, the organization of the courts and the legal professions, the procedure of the court and the origin and nature of the laws being […]

In Brief: Careers in Justice

OJEN In Brief resources are designed to provide high school students with an introduction to basic legal concepts. Each resource includes a short lesson plan for the teacher; a plain language description of the legal topic; and activities that provide students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge of the topic. This handout provides descriptions […]

In Focus: Sanctuary and the “Free Lulu” Campaign

This resource focuses on the legal struggles of Jozsef Pusuma, Timea Daroczi and their young daughter, Viktoria. A Roma family from Hungary who sought refugee status in Canada after being attacked in their home by neo-nazis, their claim failed after their lawyer neglected to include critical evidence at their hearing. As a result, the family […]

Making the Case: Mock Hearing Toolkit

This OJEN Mock Hearings Toolkit has been developed to provide ideas and assistance to teachers or justice sector representatives thinking of coordinating a mock hearing (bail hearings, trials, sentencings, sentencing circles and appeals) for Ontario students. A student mock hearing is a simulation of a real court or administrative hearing, with students playing the roles […]

Policing & Society

This 8-module resource provides strategies for dealing with a range of ideas, opinions and critiques about various approaches to policing. It includes interactive activities on the responsibilities of the police, police discretion and global policing systems. Students are encouraged to examine controversial aspects of policing, including perceptions of police, racial profiling and police oversight. Students […]

Understanding International Law

In our increasingly globalized world, our youth are becoming more and more citizens of the world. As such, they need a solid understanding of social justice, human rights, global democracy and their role in the creation of just societies. This resource aims to provide high school students with the knowledge they need to become effective […]

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