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Steps to Justice Workshops

In 2015, OJEN’s sister public legal education organization, Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) launched the Steps to Justice website. It is an outstanding source of accessible, audience-driven legal information, which includes practical instructions on what steps to take to deal with a legal problem. Organized according to the areas of law people commonly need help with, the site provides answers and important information for hundreds of frequently-asked legal questions. 

OJEN’s Steps to Justice workshops take these legal topics and turn them into miniature webquests. Intended for use in both school and community settings, each workshop consists of a set of thematic scenarios participants use to find answers to legal questions, and a guide facilitators can use to support this inquiry. In doing this, they learn about different and realistic legal issues, but they also learn how to make use of the website as an accessible and reliable source of legal information.

CLEO is thrilled that OJEN has taken the lead in developing and delivering Steps to Justice workshops to youth. This is the “right time” for youth to learn about whether they should be paid for training before they “start” a job, that a cell phone contract can’t bind them for life, or whether they have to answer the questions a police officer asks them. An understanding of essential legal rights and responsibilities equips youth – and the young adults that they become – to take action early on, which can prevent or at least minimize legal problems. Kudos to OJEN! — Julie Mathews, Executive Director, CLEO

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