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Charter Challenge

Charter Challenge Finalists Make Their Case

The Spring 2019 Charter Challenge concluded this week with the two finalist teams making their oral arguments at the Court of Appeal for Ontario.  Approximately 350 students from 21 schools throughout Ontario took part in the program. The case explored trial fairness in the context of representative juries for accused Indigenous persons living on reserves […]

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OJEN’s Charter Challenge – A Place for Answering Big Questions

Last year, Marie Reyes gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Selene. But just hours after her birth, Selene was taken away and placed in the care of Marie’s sister, thousands of kilometres away. Why? Because Marie is in prison for assault, a crime of violence. There is a program in Canadian federal prisons that allows […]

Legal/justice education in Ontario- a mock trial video promo

Filmed and edited during my teachers’ college internship at the Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN), this promo video captures the spring Charter Challenge held at the Ontario Court of Appeal. Special thanks to all the participants who agreed to be filmed, and to my colleagues who helped me with their valuable editing advice.

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