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Connecting Experiential Learning to Law and Government Studies

As a pre-service teacher in the Greater Toronto Area I have spent countless hours in classrooms both teaching and observing over the better part of the last few years. Although I appreciate the value of textbooks to support learning, I feel that learning about the Canadian government as an 11 year old 5th grader would […]

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Finding Inspiration in the Trailblazers Program

When I first heard about the Trailblazers Meeting Women in Law event, I was in grade 12. My initial reaction was, “who is going to wake up at 6 am for this?!” but this event has benefited me more than I could ever imagine. First of all, it gave me the opportunity to connect with […]

Volunteer testimony: why your students should propose “Canada’s Next Top Law”

This is a guest post from Nicole Waskul, a 3rd-year Justice Studies student from the University of Guelph-Humber.  Nicole facilitated 4 “Canada’s Next Top Law” programs in Toronto classrooms in March 2014. Hi there, my name is Nicole Waskul. I have been involved with OJEN as a student volunteer where I have facilitated a couple […]

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