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Take the Charter Survey

April 13th – 17th is a national celebration commemorating the adoption of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  OJEN is interested in hearing what young people think about the Charter!

We’re inviting Law, Civics, and History teachers to take a few minutes to reflect on the Charter by filling out the OJEN Charter Survey with their classes on Law Day, Thursday, April 17th. Conducting this survey is also an opportunity for students to reflect on the anniversary of the CanadianCharter of Rights & Freedoms, enacted April 17, 1982.

The survey is attached in PDF format or can be completed online here.

To have your class’ ideas included in the provincial survey results, please send your responses to OJEN by April 24nd . You can fax your results to (416) 800-9034 or email them to The results will be posted on the OJEN website.

Related Documents: Individual – Charter Survey 2015.pdf

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