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Honouring Tate Herbert – Supporting Justice Education

Throughout October, OJEN is accepting donations in memory of Tate Herbert.

Who was Tate Herbert  

Tate Herbert was 20 years old when he lost his life to cancer in 2013. He was an active, fun-loving young man with an infectious sense of humour. His youthful interest in justice was beginning to transform into a life purpose. He was in his second year of the Law and Society program at Sir Wilfrid Laurier University. Intelligent, engaged and socially aware, he had a bright future to look forward to.

Tate’s Tableaux

In the difficult times following Tate’s death, the Herbert family found a way to ensure that Tate’s life would have special meaning. They planned to establish an annual event with music, comedy and improv – all the things Tate loved – charge a modest admission, and donate the proceeds to charity. That idea grew into Tate’s Tableaux. After considering various charities, they settled on OJEN. Our justice education programs that empower youth by developing their legally capability would have appealed to Tate. For the past three years, Tate’s Tableaux has provided an opportunity for family and friends of the Herbert family to come together to remember Tate and raise funds for OJEN.

On October 21st, the 4th annual Tate’s Tableaux will be held at the South Shore Community Centre in Barrie Ontario. For information and tickets, visit Tate’s Tableaux . To donate to Tate’s Memorial Fund, visit our donations page.

Tate’s Legacy – Supporting Justice Education for Youth

In his high school law classes and later as a volunteer at his community Legal Aid clinic, Tate developed in interest in social justice issues. Like Tate, many of the young people OJEN work with are curious about the law, their rights and the way the justice system works. OJEN takes advantage of the natural curiosity of youth to offer projects tailored to their specific interests.  Tate’s Tableaux gives OJEN the resources to provide justice education programs to more youth like Tate throughout Ontario, increasing their capacity to navigate our legally regulated world. 

OJEN’s justice education programs for youth focus on: 

  •  recognizing the ways in which law relates to their day-to-day interactions,
  •  familiarizing them with the way our system of the law-making and enforcement works, and 
  • identifying where and how to get help when needed. 

To read more about our programs, go to About Our Work.  

Tate’s Memorial Fund recognizes the spirit and promise of youth.  Please make a donation to this special appeal and support OJEN’s youth initiatives.



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