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Amelia Berot-Burns

Project Coordinator

What I do here:

As a Project Coordinator in Educator Support, I work with the various OJEN committees across the province to help coordinate programs such as the Mock Trial Tournaments and Braiding Diversity into Justice. I also collaborate with the outreach team as needed.

Why I work at OJEN:

I have been working in the access to justice and public legal education context for the past few years. OJEN gives me the opportunity to work directly with young people and dedicated volunteers. Increasing awareness of legal rights is incredibly important to me on a personal level, and I wish that I had been aware of OJEN as a youth. I’m excited to bring our programming to as many people as I can.

3 things I did before OJEN:

1. I rode my bicycle from Vancouver to La Paz (Mexico) with no plan and no knowledge of cycling. I learned to be adaptable, to find hilarious moments through frustration, and the wonderful kindness of strangers!

2. I moved to a new country for my LL.M degree without visiting the city or seeing the school. (Wouldn’t recommend this, but it worked out!)

3. I love traveling and going on adventures – right before starting at OJEN I visited three new countries.

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