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Natasha (Nat) Jaczek

Program Developer

I started with OJEN as part of the PLEI for Racialized Communities of Youth project research team. Specifically in the co-facilitation of legal needs assessment focus groups, analysing the data, and writing up a final legal needs assessment report. I also support the outreach department in the development and delivery of different PLEI programs and events in the city of Ottawa.

3 Things I did before OJEN:

Before OJEN, I:

  • Was a national level competitive swimmer;
  • Ran away to the Yukon before law school; and
  • Started my PhD (in progress) researching legal awareness, understanding, and engagement (or not) of youth across Ontario, which is why OJEN is such a good fit!

The most useful thing I learned in school was:

To question everything.

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