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Valguena (Bella) Morina

Project Intern

What I do here:

I assist my colleagues with on-going projects, primarily the T180 programs. I, along my colleague, share information to youth about their rights in the justice system and how to navigate the justice system when dealing with an injustice. Also, sharing information on employment law, housing laws and also navigating police encounters.

Why I work at OJEN:

I work at OJEN because I got to experience the program in two different views. I initially was one of the youths attending a Family Law program that OJEN was hosting where I was residing and I appreciated
the information that was brought in, as prior to that, no one was helping me with these things that would have been a great use to me. Now fast forward, I am on the other side and now providing this
valuable information and it genuinely feels fulfilling. My biggest thing is I want people to know their rights so they can get justice for themselves instead of hold things in and feel powerless.

My best OJEN experience:

A memory that really cemented that this is the place I want to work at, is my first time attending one of the T180 programs in person. Although I had been to programs before, they had all been online, which
was enjoyable, but going in person and actually connecting with the youth in person and seeing how much they enjoyed the program in person was a remarkable feeling and knew this is the change I
wanted to be a part of.

What justice means to me:

Justice to me means taking control of your own life so that you can live it fully with knowing you are standing up for yourself no matter how hard a situation may seem or feel. Justice to me is taking your
power back. Although, justice isn’t always just, knowing that you didn’t sit back and take something that negatively impacted you and you stood up, makes a difference, because we all deserve justice
and to be treated fairly.

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