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Introduce Your Students to 10 Areas of Law with Steps to Justice Modules

OJEN has developed a series of 10 classroom workshops that introduce students to 10 common areas of law.  Using hypothetical scenarios as a starting point, students explore a range of legal issues using the Steps to Justice website, developed by Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO). This online resource gives practical step-by-step information about navigating legal problems, including forms, self-help guides and referral information for legal and social services.  Workshops are designed,not only to familiarize participants to the specific area of law, but to introduce them to a valuable resource for dealing with legal questions they may encounter in the future.

OJEN’s Steps to Justice workshops are a fun and accessible way to introduce students to the following areas of law:

Employment Law, Criminal Law, Housing Law, Human Rights Law, Debt and Consumer Rights, Family Law, Immigration Law, Health and Disability Law  and  Abuse and Family Violence.

Each workshop is completely self-contained, including a slide presentation, teachers guide and student worksheets.  For more information on how to use the workshop guide, you can also check out our short training video.

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