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OJEN Facilitator Training

OJEN supports volunteers from the legal and community sectors in doing public legal education programs for the public. While we encourage you to contact OJEN directly if you are interested in running justice education programs for youth, we have produced a short video series to help with training around specific programs and audiences. As more become available, they will be shared here. 

Facilitator training from OJEN:

Working with youth living in vulnerable environments

OJEN provides training to volunteers who participate in our programs. This is a training video for volunteers who will be working with marginalized youth.

Running Steps to Justice workshops

OJEN offers a range of workshops that use Steps to Justice to introduce specific areas of law to young audiences. We produced this short video for teachers and facilitators to explain how to run the workshops

Working with teachers and schools

OJEN supports our volunteers with a range of training opportunities. The video below was created to help prepare our legal volunteers for working with teachers and in classrooms.

Volunteering for Navigating Police Encounters Workshops

OJEN partners with community organizations to offer Navigating Police Encounters workshops for youth. We produced this orientation video for lawyer volunteers to explain how to run the workshops.

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