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Volunteering for Navigating Police Encounters Workshops

OJEN partners with community organizations to offer Navigating Police Encounters workshops for youth. We produced this orientation video for lawyer volunteers to explain how to run the workshops. If you are interested in helping us deliver the program, please contact Enisoné Kadiri at

About the program

Navigating Police Encounters is an online workshop delivered by teleconference to small groups of youth.  In the first session, participants discuss their perceptions of policing.  They also explore some of the ways in which perceptions are formed and the difference between perception and reality.  Session 2 introduces them to the Steps to Justice website, created and maintained by Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO).  Youth walk through a six-part scenario depicting different hypothetical situations involving interactions with police. Using the Steps to Justice website, youth learn about their rights when engaging with police and how to navigate the situation to achieve the most positive outcome.  In the process, they learn how to use the website to find legal information, including the forms, self-help guides and referral information for legal and social services that may be helpful in working through a future legal problem.

This training video was produced with support from Crime Prevention Ottawa, the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Law Foundation of Ontario. 

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