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Workshops and Webinars

Their Voices Will Guide Us – Bringing Lessons from the MMIWG Inquiry into the Classroom

[Summer Law Institute 2020] The Ontario Justice Education Network offers a free online session for secondary school teachers that provides information about “Teaching Law: As an Act of Truth Seeking and Reconciliation” and Their Voices Will Guide Us. This webinar features Charlene Bearhead, educator and Indigenous education advocate.

Top 5 Significant Cases of the Past Year

[Summer Law Institute 2020] Each year, a leading Ontario jurist presents five Canadian legal decisions from the previous year that they feel are of the greatest importance and interest to educators and the public. OJEN prepares a summary of the cases, comments and observations that are appropriate for discussion and debate in the classroom setting. This webinar features The Honourable Justice Lorne Sossin, Superior Court of Justice.

Environmental Law – Teaching about Mathur et al. in high schools

[Summer Law Institute 2020] This webinar features Alan Andrews, Climate Program Director at Ecojustice. Seven young people, backed by Ecojustice, are suing the Government of Ontario for weakening its climate targets because it will lead to widespread illness and death, violating Ontarians’ Charter-protected rights to life, liberty, and security of the person. Learn about this public interest litigation, Mathur et. al in the hour long webinar.

COVID-19 and the Law

[Summer Law Institute 2020] COVID-19 continues to have a changing impact on the law and all of our lives. In this webinar, teachers will learn from leading experts how COVID-19 has affected criminal, employment and housing law. This webinar features Meghan Scott, Crown Attorney, Kumail Karimjee, Employment Lawyer and Nina Hall, Staff Lawyer, Kensington Bellwoods Community Legal Services.

Fertility Law in Canada

[Summer Law Institute 2020] Fertility law is the legal arena in which this complex field interacts with the justice system. Join OJEN for a webinar with Sara Cohen, a lawyer specializing in fertility law to learn about the regulation of surrogacy, reproductive technology and other key debates and questions in family and fertility.

OJEN's New Resources!

[Summer Law Institute 2020] A long-time favourite of the Summer Law Institute, OJEN staff present their new resources available for your classroom. This year’s webinar features a number of online resources and plans for program delivery throughout the year!

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