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Going from Student to Staff: Issues facing young workers in 2021

What does good work look like for your students in 2021? Whether they are continuing on to post-secondary learning or heading straight into the workforce, young workers are vulnerable to exploitation and may find themselves with limited options. In this session, expert employment lawyers Joshua Mandryk (Goldblatt Partners LLP) and Ryan White (Cavalluzzo LLP) explore two of the most pressing topics facing young people in workplace law: unpaid internships and work-credit programs, and the uncertain rules around Uber and other “gig apps.”

Learn about developments in the law, organizing efforts around these issues, and resources for your students. 

Date and time: Monday, August 16, 2-3 p.m.


Joshua Mandryk, Goldblatt Partners LLP: Unpaid internships, work-credit programs, and youth labour

Ryan White, Cavalluzzo LLP: Uber, gig apps, and their legal challenges

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This event is free but made possible by a grant from the Law Foundation Ontario and donations from our community. If you’d like to help us continue our work, we accept donations through our Canada Helps page.


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