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Teaching the Mathur et al. Case in High School: An Update

In September 2022, after an already gargantuan fight to get their case to be heard by the province’s court, the seven young Ontarians at the centre of the Mathur case will finally head to Ontario’s Superior Court.

This webinar is a follow-up to our 2020 webinar, which introduced the Mathur et. al case.

The team at Ecojustice documents the journey until this moment, reviews the issues at the heart of this fight—including its connection to the Charter—and explores the possible outcomes of a decision that has the potential to affect generations to come and the planet itself.

Ecojustice’s lawyer Fraser Thomson takes part in the webinar, as well as one of their clients and litigants in the case, Zoe Keary-Matzner. The audience gets to hear from two different voices, including one of the young people bringing the case forward.

You can add your name to the court submission of Mathur et. al. here to show your support.

Watch the press conference announcing the launch of action: Seven young Ontarians are suing Doug Ford over climate inaction. Meet our #GenClimateAction

For more information on Ecojustice, please visit

OJEN offers special thanks to the Law Foundation of Ontario, whose funding made this webinar series and so many other crucial projects possible.

Date and Time: Wednesday, May 25th at 3:30 p.m.

Reading materials

#GenClimateAction: Mathur et. al. v. Her Majesty in Right of Ontario

‘A fight for their future’ – Young Ontarians tell us why they are taking the provincial government to court over their record on climate change


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