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R v. Sullivan

A consequential decision that reverberated through many different spheres of society and launched a flurry of questions and concerns, the 2022 Supreme Court of Canada case R v. Sullivan looked at the defence of extreme intoxication in a criminal case. With a unanimous voice, the Court concluded that section 33.1 of the Criminal Code of […]

Top Five 2015

Each year at OJEN’s Toronto Summer Law Institute, a judge from the Court of Appeal for Ontario identifies five cases that are of significance in the educational setting. This summary, based on these comments and observations, is appropriate for discussion and debate in the classroom setting. These summaries of important legal cases were presented by […]

In Focus: The Death of Sammy Yatim and the Trial of James Forcillo

This resource examines the police killing of 18-year-old Sammy Yatim on a Toronto streetcar, and the murder trial of Constable James Forcillo, who fired the shots that killed him. In particular, students will gain insight into the unusual outcome of Constable Forcillo’s trial, in which a jury found him guilty of attempting to murder Mr. […]

In Focus: Idle No More

OJEN is pleased to present the first in a series of classroom resources designed to support classroom teachers’ integration of legally significant, but complex, current events into their law, civics and other classes. In Focus– Idle No More gives a short introduction to key events and legal and social issues raised by the Idle No […]

In Focus: Sanctuary and the “Free Lulu” Campaign

This resource focuses on the legal struggles of Jozsef Pusuma, Timea Daroczi and their young daughter, Viktoria. A Roma family from Hungary who sought refugee status in Canada after being attacked in their home by neo-nazis, their claim failed after their lawyer neglected to include critical evidence at their hearing. As a result, the family […]

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